207 South Tennessee Avenue
LaFollette, TN 37766
Phone:(423) 562-4961
Fax: (423) 563-0703

City Administrator:

Stan Foust

The City Administrator oversees all department directors and coordinates departmental activities. The Administrator prepares and submits legislative agendas, ordinances, and resolutions to the Mayor and City Council. The Administrator also presents recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on policies and procedures for an efficient operation of city government. The Administrator informs the Mayor and City Council of the financial condition of the City as well as any other matter that relates to the operations of the City.

The City Administrator also assists the citizens of the City when needed. Providing adequate and professional services is one of many priorities the City strives to achieve and maintain. The Administrator helps ensure that all departments are delivering the services they are responsible for to better the lives of our citizens and community. If you are in need of services rendered you may contact the Administrator or the appropriate department for assistance.