207 South Tennessee Avenue
LaFollette, TN 37766
Phone: (423) 562-4961
Fax: (423) 563-0703



           Stephanie Grimm Solomon            


Melanie Nance


Lynn Letner

Commission Members

Mayor Cliff Jennings

Lonnie Wilson

Codes Officer

Jeff Duncan 



The Planning Commission consists of five (5) board members. The Mayor and a City Council Member are required to be on the commission, as well as three (3) other members that are appointed by the Mayor. The Council Member is selected by the City Council. These provisions are pursuant to TCA 13-4-101.

This commission creates and adopts a general plan for the development of the municipality and also forms a zoning plan for all municipal regulations. This commission may also amend, extend, or add to the Planning and Zoning Ordinance. The commission also reviews site plans for any new construction within the municipality, reviews re-zoning requests, and performs other duties that are appropriate and within the powers of this commission.

The Planning Commission regular session meetings are held the fourth (4th) Thursday of each month at 5:00 PM, unless otherwise stated. The meeting is held at the LaFollette Municipal building inside the Conference Room. (Please note that the November meeting will fall on Thanksgiving and will be re-scheduled or cancelled in a prior meeting). Agendas will be distributed at the meeting.


City of LaFollette Regional Planning Commission Application




100 M-1/M-2 Industrial Site Plan Review $250.00

101 C-1/C-2/C-3 Commercial Site Plan Review $200.00

102 R-1/R-2 Residential Site Plan Review $150.00

103 F-1 Flood Way District Site Plan Review $100.00

104 Other Site Plan Review $100.00

105 Planned Unit Development $200.00

106 Condominium PUD $200.00

107 Mobile Home Park Review $200.00

108 Utility Policy Review (No Charge)



 200 Informal Consultation (No Charge)

201 Preliminary $50.00 + $20.00/ lot

202 Final Plat $50.00 + $20.00/ lot

203 Resubdivision $50.00 + $10.00/ lot

204 Plat of correction $50.00

205 Withdraw/ Resubmittal $40.00

206 Bond Reduction Review (No Charge)


300 Variance Request (any number) $75.00

301 In Home Occupation Request $50.00

302 Zoning Certification Letter $40.00

303 Street/ Alley Closure $250.00

304 Rezoning (M/C/R) request $500.00

305 Special Exception Request $50.00

306 Appeal of Staff /PC $50.00