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Fire Department


LFD        tn FIRESTATION2C        Fire Station 3
LaFollette Fire Station #1                        LaFollette Fire Station #2                      LaFollette Fire Station #3
105 East Beech Street                            1918 Suite 2 Old Jacksboro Hwy            192 Fire-Rescue Lane
LaFollette, TN 37766                               Jacksboro, TN 37757                            LaFollette, TN 37766
(423) 562-3340                                       (423) 562-7404                                     (423) 566-7407

Fire Chief: Gary Byrd
Assistant Fire Chief: Charles Eldridge


The LaFollette Fire Department is responsible for the protection of lives and property of the City and for the organization and direction of all fire service functions. This involves planning, directing, and conducting fire inspections and fire prevention operations.

As of July 1st, 2014 the LaFollette Fire Department is a certified First Responder department which can also perform extrication and disentanglement.


Cold weather season is coming up, so remember to test and ensure your smoke detectors are working properly.

The LaFollette Fire Department is currently providing smoke detectors to City residents. The Department will furnish, install, and test the detectors to ensure they are properly working to protect the residents of the home. These detectors are rated to last approximately 10 years on a single battery, so please call the Fire Department at (423) 562-3340 to schedule an installation. Please note that you must be a citizen of LaFollette and that your residence must be within the corporate limits of LaFollette to receive this service.

The LaFollette Fire Department also provides fire prevention materials to residents, schools, and organizations to educate all about the dangers of fire and all that accompanies this. The Fire Department also gives lectures and demonstrations concerning fire safety and tips to prevent a fire to schools and organizations. If you would like to arrange for a representative of the Fire Department to speak before a group, please call the Fire Department for assistance.


General Fire Safety Tips:


Test your fire alarms at least once a month.

Replace batteries at least twice a year (Choose a special day or occasion to change batteries and mark it on your calendar).

Clean your alarms at least once a year.

Have home fire drills and have all family members participate in the drills.

Have a designated meeting place outside the home in case of a fire, and go straight to the designated area. Also make sure that the meeting place is not too near the home due to fire and smoke hazards.

Alert your family by yelling "FIRE"!

Have 4" high address numbers on your house so fireman can locate you and your family.


If your clothes catch on fire, remember to:

STOP (Where you are)

DROP (to the ground)

ROLL (over and over to put out the flames)


Please visit the websites listed below for additional fire safety tips and knowledge.


Fire Safety and Protection Tips


USFA for Citizens

Home Safety Checklist

Sparky the Fire Dog

Fire Safety: 10 Fire Safety Tips


You can also find additional information simply by doing a web search. Here you will find additional resources that could help save you and your family in the event of a fire and other dangers.


History of the Dalmatian Dog (Fire Dog)

Before firemen had trucks, they would take their dogs to ride on the fire wagons with them.  When they arived to the fire, the dog would jump off and go to the front of the wagon and take the reins and pull the horse's head down to the grownd to prevent the horse from seeing the fire and getting spooked.  Dalmatian dogs were also used because they were the  easiest to train. 

Thank you for visiting the LaFollette Fire Department!