207 South Tennessee Avenue
LaFollette, TN 37766
Phone: (423) 563-0686


This Department patrols the City and picks up animals that are strayed, unlicensed, sick, or presenting a public nuisance. This Department provides food, water, and personal care to detained animals and ensures they are treated in a humane manner. This department is also responsible for investigating complaints regarding animal control, animal cruelty and animal bite cases.

If you have an animal control emergency that requires immediate attention, please call (423) 562-8331. If you have a non-emergency need please call (423) 563-0686.

In case of an emergency dog bite, please call 423-562-8331. For all other non-emergency calls for LaFollette Animal Control please call 423-562-4961. Image of dogs and cats



If you are interested in the animal adoption program, please call the Campbell County Animal Shelter at (423) 566-1892 for details.


Campbell County Animal Shelter
749 Towe String Road
LaFollette, TN 37766