City of LaFollette

Codes Department

207 South Tennessee Avenue

LaFollette, TN 37766

Phone: (423) 563-0686

Fax: (423) 563-0703




 Matt Widner, Building Official

Matt Widner: Building Official




The Building Official inspects new and existing commercial and institution sites to ensure building and fire safety, as well as life safety. This department also inspects building construction sites for conformation to approved plans and compliance with applicable codes and ordinances. This department also consults with builders, contractors, engineers, and architects regarding approved building, fire, electric, and plumbing codes per City and State guidelines and regulations. This department reviews construction plans to determine if plans are in compliance with permits and codes. This department also investigates complaints of building or construction violations, fire code violations, and electrical and plumbing violations prescribed by codes and guidelines.




 Jeff Duncan: Codes



The Codes Enforcement Officer also investigates complaints pertaining to all other City Codes. If you would like to make a complaint regarding code violations, please contact the Codes Department for assistance at (423) 563-0686. Also, please note that all violations receive immediate attention but immediate action cannot always occur. There are policies and procedures in place which must be followed to allow property owners time to comply and conform to the codes adopted. If the property owner does not comply and conform to the codes, other actions will be taken at that time.