302 North Tennessee Avenue, PO Box 1411
LaFollette, TN 37766
Phone (423) 562-3316 or (800) 352-1340

Board of Directors

The Mayor and City Council appoint members to the Board for staggered five-year terms, with one member's term expiring on June 30th of each year.

  • Chairman: Jay Willoughby
  • Vice-Chairperson: Janice Walker
  • Secretary/Treasurer: David Longmire
  • Member: John Snodderly
  • Member: Boyd Henegar

The Board normally meets on the last Monday of the month at 7:00 PM. All meetings are open to the public.

Vision Statement:

As we move into the next century, LaFollette Utilities Board (LUB) will continue to be a locally-owned public utility that anticipates and meets the community's needs at the lowest achievable rates. LUB, as a locally-owned enterprise, is vital to the community to maintain and enhance the quality of life, the economy and the environment.

As a community-owned enterprise in a competitive environment, LUB will be a role model in the public sector for its streamlined form of governance. While the city maintains ultimate authority, LUB will exercise broad discretion in the critical operational and policy decisions that are necessary for competitive success. A critical link in forging this relationship will be LUB's strategic planning process. This process will allow the city and LUB to agree on strategic direction and desired outcomes, but allows LUB to have freedom to pursue courses of action as required within broad policy guidelines. LUB has earned this freedom through its dedication, discipline, and persistence in developing, executing, and achieving the desired outcome. The strategic planning process will also provide accountability, whereby LUB and the city can agree on LUB's performance.

Our industrial and commercial customers will view us as partners in their business. We will anticipate their requirements, we will listen to their needs, and we will respond with flexible services. In the rare instances when service is disrupted, we will be known for our rapid restoration. All commercial and industrial customers will recognize the economic and business advantages that LUB provides. When new businesses consider location in our service territory, our commercial and industrial customers will point to LUB as one of the community's primary competitive advantages.

Our residential customers will view LUB as the benchmark community-owned enterprise. We will provide service with productivity and quality levels that exceed those of most private sector organizations. We will break the stereotype of rigid and inefficient government organizations. We will be innovative and flexible in meeting citizen needs; we will care about our community and its environment. We will be widely respected for our customer focus, technical expertise, and innovative service development and delivery. Our residential customers will be quite aware of the fact that our lower cost service results in more disposable income, which will help drive the local economy. Our innovative governmental services will be models for local governments in our area. We will provide our expertise and leadership to assist and enhance government and community interest groups in achieving their objectives.

As an organization, we will be able to achieve extraordinary levels of performance because we function as a team. Turf issues have been overcome because we view each other as customers and suppliers who must work together to meet the needs of our external customers. Mutual respect will be practiced daily. We understand that the only way we can stay ahead of the increasing levels of competition is to take advantage of the synergy we can achieve by working together. We no longer have "employees"; we will all be members of a team working continually to improve the performance of LUB. The team will reflect the diversity within our customer base. We see that diversity as strength because it allows us to better understand our customers' requirements.

We will develop effective communication mechanisms that will allow the organization to be fully informed of the rapidly changing environment in which we operate. We will empower team members to make decisions on issues that affect them. Because we will be empowered, well-trained, and trusted, most issues can be resolved at the level at which the issue occurs. We will welcome change because we know that innovation and continuous improvement are the source of security. We also know that changes will be supported through training, coaching, recognition, and rewards.
We recognize that our competitive position will be maintained through the knowledge and expertise of our people. We are LUB's competitive advantage. Therefore, investments in human resource development are essential to our continued service innovation, productivity improvements, and customer satisfaction.

We will act in a professional and courteous manner and treat all people as they would want to be treated. We will be ambassadors of LUB and be aware of the image we portray to the public. We will be prepared and encouraged to take risks on behalf of customers.

LUB - We Will Prove Our Worth Every Day!